Entry #1

Looking for feedback!

2013-01-30 13:23:14 by Irbis

Well to cut the chase.
After eons of being a passive NG user i decided to throw some of my work over here.
This work is one movie(lol), some graphics, some voice samples and songs. and Some links to other diffrent profiles of my.

Like 3 weeks ago someone wrote a poem. And i dont know why - i wanted to sing it.
And so it started. From that time ive recorded some songs and droped them here, in Newgrounds.

Quality? sucks monkeys fucks. But what can i say? I am using 5$ microphone, i suck at audio editing, i havent sing from 10 years (Singing under shower doesnt count right?), and most of the songs i cover never had any sort of music. They were just poems, with rhymes but thats preety much all. And as i have a short attention span - 99% of my songs are the results of just one recording session. No repeating, no fixing, no re-singing. First try and thats all. Also all the songs audio havent been edited in any way. Sure i added some echo but it was needed. I think ive explained why under one of the songs.

-5 bucks microphone
-no singing expirience or education
-non-existant audio editing skills
-first recording = final recording
-no music to which i could sing.
-English is not my native. Never had lessons or teaching. Learned from the web and movies.
Dont bash too much


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2013-02-04 04:45:57

Your voice is pristine. Don't let anyone tell you else.

(Updated ) Irbis responds:

"pristine" hmm (checks the google translator)
a. Remaining in a pure state; uncorrupted by civilization.
b. Remaining free from dirt or decay; clean.

Umm. Is this good or bad?
And thank you! :D
You have no idea how much i lust feedback.


2013-02-04 12:56:58

You got talent, brah.

Irbis responds:

Thank you kindly! ^^


2013-02-10 23:02:44

;D very nice!


2013-02-16 22:43:32

Put a cloth over your microphone.

Irbis responds:

hmm. can it be a tissue?


2013-02-17 10:48:38


Irbis responds:

thank you! :D ill try that.